Method SPM


Balanced Scorecard Methodology

Our Strategy Performance Management (SPM) Product is an innovative web-based solution based on the balance scorecard (BSC) methodology for implementing and managing organization strategy at all levels of the enterprise by linking perspectives, themes, objectives, initiatives, and KPI measures to an organization’s strategy to visualize progress and achievements towards the strategic goals.

It is a perfect fit for a government value realization office (VRO) or just a strategy management office (SMO) in any medium to large organization.


METHOD SPM allows users to plan and integrate strategy and to execute, monitor and track the strategic plans on different levels within the organization.


METHOD SPM offers greater visibility into the organization by unifying data across all departments; enabling tracking and monitoring of strategies, and implementing these strategies through plans and initiatives across multiple departments.


METHOD SPM product helps the organization to meet the following objectives:


  • End to end strategic performance management solution (Plan, Measure, Monitor & Control and Adapt) for organization strategic plans.
  • Strategic Planning Definition & Framework in Compliance with BSC.
  • Cascading scorecard features for alignment.
  • KPI Measures (Strategic and Operational).
  • Strategic Element Monitoring and Tracking.
  • Automated Measure (KPI) Calculation based on predefined formulas.
  • Dynamic Strategy Map Visualization with visual traffic lights.
  • Dynamic BSC Visualization with visual traffic lights.
  • Initiatives Monitoring and Tracking.
  • Meeting Management for Strategy Committee Members.
  • Task Management.
  • Notifications and alerts with scheduling for easy communication.
  • Security management for individuals and groups that is easily managed via roles and privileges in the system (Editor, Manager and Admin).
  • Reports and Dashboards (Strategic Plan, Perspectives, Themes, Objectives, Initiatives and KPIs).
  • Integration with Microsoft EPM to sync projects progress into SPM initiatives.
  • Mobility (Mobile Accessibility for top management and executive Reports & Dashboards).