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v Mr. Ammar did a great job in the online training. It is really perfect and well structured. The training helps me in the PMP® exam preparation. I advise everyone to attend this great training course”.

Emad Sarhan, PMP®

v Method's online PMP® training was the perfect solution of not having the time to attend class based trainings. Being a Jordanian, I feel proud of having such Jordanian expertise giving us quality training at an affordable price”.

Nicola Musa, PMP®

v I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to Mr. Ammar Mango and Method team for the unique and high level professionalism in the arab world”.

Wesam Abu Siam

v I would like to thank Mr. Ammar Mango for his great job, I tried to search the internet for related sites to PMP® trainings but I didn't find anything organized and comprehensive like his online training..Thanks a lot Ammar”.

Mohannad Natour


v Really I got a great experience when I did it, thanks for METHOD and Ammar who became more than an instructor, Ammar followed me up and force me to do the exam and take the PMP® certification. I believe that everyone can do it, dependent on Ammar's material and additional questions and his final exam, which was very useful and a lot of exam's adeas were there. I wish you METHOD to still the leader of PM in arabic world, and my deep greets to you Ammar”.

Feras Rasheed, PMP®

v Speechless to describe how happy I am now, thank you all for the extent support and follow up. Keenness on delivering the concept using all possible examples, support and extent follow up to the no limit made you at METHOD the best in PMP®. Thank you Ammar, Mohammad Sarhan, Hala, Farah and Amani 

Saeed Mukhtar, PMP®

v The training program met my objectives since it was conducted in a logical sequence and addressing the PM processes as they occur in reality, also it makes the PMBOK guide reading more easily. It covers important information outside the PMBOK guide and integrates them so well in the material. The instructor is well prepared, and by changing his tone of voice and repeating the important notes urges the attendee to pay more attention as if it was a class room course ”.

Ibrahim Suleiman, PMP®

v The fact that the training course was so well-structured and informative gave me confidence that I would be learning what it takes to be a professional project manager and that I would have a very good chance of passing the PMP® exam from the fisrt time. Ammar's vast experience, combined with his first-rate instructional style and his modesty made me proud to be in his class. This, combined with the professionalism of METHOD's backoffice team and that of their projects consultant, Ms. Eman Nairoukh, made a lasting impression on me that I hope to be able to reflect in my work ”.

Nuha Ghuneimi, PMP®

v I would like to express my thanks to each and everyone of you for your support and guidance and world-class training. I have passed the PMP® exam. Please extend my thanks to Mr. Ammar Mango..I kept hearing his voice in the exam while answering the questions, especially the "delegation" related ones. Really thanks..It seems I said thanks many times but I am too excited, still can not believe that I managed to get it in less than three months and I was planning to consider it after three years from now..You really did an amazing job”.

Areej Abukar, PMP®

v Method's online course was really helpful; it exceeded my expectations and provided me with the flexibility to do the training in my free time. I really liked the way that Mr. Ammar Mango has presented the material, the professional real-time support from method's team. So, a big thanks to Mr. Ammar Mango and Method, for this world-class training. I am recommending everyone to take this course to get the benefits that I have got”.

Ghada Alqaddoumi, PMP®

v Actually, I highly appreciate the great honest efforts by METHOD making such a valuable course available in Middle East. The opportunity of getting such valuable course according to one's pace should be seized by all interested in Project Management. The course can be aimed at getting PMP® certificate, or merely getting an invaluable up-to-date knowledge to add more value and experise for those who are interested in this specific field of management, or managament in general”.

Anwar Sallumi

v I am glad to inform you that I passed the PMP® exam. You have been the mentor who established the grounds of project management in my mindset, and the facilitator who paved the road and enabled this success. I'm proud of becoming a PMP® and moreover of being taught on the hands of such an Expert like Ammar ”.More

Mohammed Barakat, PMP®

v My experience with the online training was very beneficial. The use of chapter exercise, sample templates, quizzes, and sample tests were very helpful in clarifying hazel areas in different processes. Ammar's real life experience was clearly reflected in the training through the use of real life examples and scenarios. The online training helped me greatly in passing the exam. I just want to thank you guys for making this certification a success story, thank you ”.

Khaled Arar, PMP®
Jordan Ahli Bank

v The most thing I like in this training is the logical sequence by addressing the project management processes when they occur in reality. Also, changing the instructor's tone and repeating some important notes more than once urges the listener to pay more attention, and that made me as if I am taking the course in a class room. Really, I do believe that the online training level is so high and can compete with the international ones ”.

Ibrahim Sulieman
Jordan Petroleum Refinery

v Actually, this training has made a big leap for me in understanding the secret behind successful project managers. Not only does this training prepares you for the PMP® exam, but also puts you in the shoes of a real project manager”.More

Mohammed Barakat, PMP®

v The online preparation course was very beneficial and makes one accustomed to the terminology of PMI®. The thing I loved most was the resemblance to the PMBOK® Guide(but in a smooth way-PMBOK® Guide is very rigid) I wish everybody luck and success and with the online course, you will always have time in your schedule to do it. Thank you Mr. Mango & Method Corp”.

Ghaith Al Qasem, PMP®

v I really liked the comprehensiveness of the online course, and the details of the information, plus the real life examples given by the instructor. In addition, the cooperation and responsiveness of the instructor to any email inquiry was superb, which makes this whole training a personalized experience to every online student. I want to extend my admiration to Ammar who succeeded to make the online training an excellent one. Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to Method and its team for providing this course”.

Kamal Jayyusi


v Voted as one of the Best Online PM Resources on the web”.click here

By intelligentedu.com 


v ...Ammar's training rises to a world class level as it does not merely focused on getting the PMP® certification, but, it takes you further to become a better project manager, dare I say, even a better person”.

Ahed Al Adwan, PMP® 
Head, Computing and Controls


v The online PMP® training which I had from Method was very good. As a matter of fact, I used to feel that I was in classroom training while I was sitting in front of my laptop at home doing the online training. Very convenient, practical, easy access and best of all, rich content and experience presented clearly by Ammar.... Thank you”.

Ruba Jaber, PMP®


v Really, what ever I will say will not be enough of your excellent course. It is so convenient and easy to use at any time. It made preparing for the PMP® exam easy and even fun”.

Rasha Al Zayyat


v This is an excellent training, clear, solid and user friendly material”.

Abdillateef Murad
CR2 Limited
Senior Product Consultant


v I feel as if the instructor is really in front of me, watching my facial expressions; feeling good or bad and accordingly responding and answering the questions on my mind”.

Ruba Ashayer PMP®
E-Tech Systems



PMP® Exam Simulation Testimonials

v These questions were extremely useful for my preparation. The exam questions were very similar in their focus on the processes and the knowledge areas. Surprising, my score on the actual exam was almost identical to that on your exam… thank you”.

Tarek Zuriekat, PMP®

PMP Public Course Testimonials


v “Many thanks for the distinguished training, Method i am proud to have such organization in Jordan.”

       Maher Rababa, PMP®     


v “The course was wonderful and Mr. Ammar was a good facilitator, he gave me the theoretical information mixed with real cases, he taught me how to be smart during the preparation for the exam ( it just took week and a half to be well prepared for the exam) and he taught me how to go step further to widely understanding what is hidden behind the tools, techniques and procedures of the project management to know the real meaning of the PMI ® terms; which made me able to pass the PMP exam from the first trial. wishing success & luck for my colleagues who did not pass it yet, & I’d like to thank our management ( KADDB ) for giving me the chance to attend the training & sit for the exam to get this professional certificate. ”

       Sofyan Odibat, PMP®     

v “Method is not only a training centre, but the status of the success of the starting point for many people towards a culture of the highest wider knowledge of the success of dazzling,I would like to thank Mr. Ammar on this experience, he presented a summary of our expertise in project management style nicely and smoothly, thanks Method family for their support and their determination to meet our needs and answer our inquiries”

       Kamal Nofal, PMP®     

 v “The experience of attending the PMP Training and in particular with Method and Mr. Ammar Mango with a large following in getting certified, where the lecture are shown on the scientific aspects and theory, I advise anyone apply for the exam in the presence of this training because of their significant impact in the training. I thank all employees of Method to the good efforts made in the preparation of project managers, especially in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.”

       Mohammad Al-Dabbas, PMP®     

v “Really, I would like to thank Method for helping me to achieve this Millstone in my career, the way how Ammar explain PMP® topics is really amazing and he  took you through the Knowledge Area and how crossed with the project management process. ”

       Ahed AbdelRaziq, PMP®     

v “ I would like to take the opportunity to express our appreciation to the high level of preparations and arrangements delivered by Methods team ( Marketing, Sales , Admin..) . We were very delighted to see this high standard and caliber of your staff , a very professional and friendly training environment indeed . We look forward to future cooperation between our two organizations. ”

       Ramzi Mansour      


v “ Attending the PMP® course at Method has given me a new insight and energy to persevere for project management knowledge ans aspects in my future work and career. The training material was well developed and organized that helped in better understanding of project management knowledge areas and their applications. The training setting was suitable and met the training needs. In addition, the participants form different backgrounds had many experiences to share which made the course even more enjoyable. The facilitator; Mr. Mohammad Amawi was a great help through his continuous support, guidance and knowledge sharing, with great communication skills. Overall, the training at Method was a great experience and a main contributor in obtaining the PMP® certificate successfully”

       Abdullah Dirani, PMP®


v “ I would like to extend my regards to Method team for their dedication, support and guidance. The PMP® preparation course, which I took, was an excellent opportunity to explore more of project management aspects, due to the well developed material that was presented by a professional instructor; Mr. Mohammad Amawi. The course was one of the most important factors that led to obtain my PMP® certification. Thanks again for all your help .”

       Omar Dirani, PMP®

v “ Ammar's training and delivery is super. I am honored to have had the chance to learn from him.”

       Firas Al-Ghoul 

v “The material gave me a clear idea of what to expect in the exam and this helped me to get prepared and to pass it from the first time. Also, I appreciate the excellent customer service during and after the course. Ammar was always available to answer my questions and to give me advice when needed.”

       Sulaf Mubaideen , PMP®

v “To be trained at Method and by Mr. Ammar Mango is a truly unique experience. You do not only learn how to manage project’s in the best way, but also enrich your practical experience by a lot of real life examples which can not be obtained without Mr. Ammar’s wide experience in the Project Management field, let alone the logical sequence of the training material and the distinguish way the material was given in. I am very proud and honored to have such a wonderful firm and high experience in Jordan.”

       Fadi Younes , PMP®

v  Ammar offers a very well structured course, enriched with his project management experience. This thing really helped me to understand the real project management and its best practices, also helped me to pass the PMP® exam as most of the questions were situational questions based on real life project management application ”..More

       Ayman Halalsheh , PMP®


v  The PMP® exam preparation course and the exam itself was an enjoyable yet stressful experience. My special thanks goes to Ammar Mango; a patient, concise, knowledgeable and understanding instructor who really inspired me throughout the course by his way of thinking, and the way he communicates and deals with his students. I surely can not forget the facilitating team members who were supporting all the way ”.

       Yara Ababneh , PMP®


v The training lectures provided by the highly qualified instructor Mr. Ammar Mango and the course material were of great help to me. They explore wider topics than what PMBOK has, in addition that they clarify the interactions between knowledge areas in a logical sequence of project phases which make the projects practice more realistic ”.

       Mohammad Habash , PMP®


v The training was very useful and helped me a lot in gaining the certificate and without the great instructions from Ammar on how to study I am sure I wouldn't pass the exam. Ammar's material was very very useful and also the notes and comments that we have took from Ammar during the sessions was also very useful and helped me a lot on answering a lot of questions on the exam ”.

       Ra'ad Malkawi , PMP®      


v I would like to express my gratitude to METHOD and Mr. Ammar for the great training methods and atmosphere we got during the training sessions. Also the support of their test materials that they provide to me which help me to have insight of my weakness and strength in various project processes groups  ”.

       Maha Kayed , PMP®


v I read the PMBOK® guide and Mr. Ammar material which I believe it's enough to get the PMP®, solving some questions also will help to get used to the real exam do not expect to get the same questions at all whatever the source is. My best wishes for you all in your certification path, many thanks Ammar and it was really my pleasure to meet you”.

       Ghassan Sarsak , PMP®


v For the past few months I got more interested in project management and started to look for a reputable firm that provides such solid knowledge, upon seeking most of the hands pointed at METHOD to have the course with Ammar Mango, so I targeted the company and joined the team for PMP® certification program. With no doubt, the knowledge exceeded the expectations and cleared many issue related to project management. And I own the thanks to METHOD and mainly Mr. Ammar Mango to guide me and pass the PMP® certification”.

       Shadi Al Masri , PMP®


v I advise everybody to start with studying of the training materials prepared by Mr. Ammar as it is very helpful, easy to processed and includes all the exam topics. After that I suggest to read  the PMBOK® Guide and try to study and analyze as much questions as you can by searching on the web for PMP® questions. And I advise everybody to do actual practicing on solving 200 questions on 4 hours as the time is very critical factor during the exam. I encourge everybody to do it as it worth the effort”.

       Ayman Thabet , PMP®


v It was a great honor to have the PMP® preparation course in your world-class institute that helped and prepared me a lot within two months to pass the PMP® exam from the first time. Thank you Ammar for your help and support and you will always be remembered as a professional trainer. Once again thank you very much and I will keep remembering your institute and professional support that I had to get my dreaming certificate and wishing you a brilliant future”.

       Feras Hawarneh , PMP®


v I would like to thank METHOD represented by Mr. Ammar Mango for their support and professional training. Mr. Ammar's skills, knowledge, and experience as a project management guru was a great motive for me to get into that, his way of presenting and clarifying project management standards, guidelines and concepts was of great beneficial for me on the personal level and it was very clear that it has a great influence on the other training attendees”.

       Khader E. Abu El-Edam , PMP®


v Besides being an experienced project manager, the course gave me insights and much focus on world class professional education. Mr. Mango, not only delivered things I never came across but also introduced non-conventional multi-dimensional expert project management and truly international managerial concepts. Mr. Mango never stopped answering my questions even after finishing the course. If anyone intends to add value to his knowledge, Harvard and MIT levels, METHOD has the answer for so little to gain so much”.

       Khader Khoury , PMP®


v Method is a correct choice to attend Project Management training in Jordan; I never thought about that twice, I did the training in December 2006, joined KADDB in January 2007, did extra training with Method in April 2007. My personal notes on class training is Ammar's charisma which is unique. He never stops at any inquiry....Professional is less than what he deserves”.....More

       Yasar Ajlouni , PMP®


v The course was really a very enjoyable and useful one, and it helped me a lot in preparing and passing the PMP® exam in a very short time (only 3 weeks after the course is finished). The exam was really hard, but I do not feel it requires more preparations, because Ammar's course and material encapsulate years of experience and Knowledge... Thanks Ammar, you convert a very hard and long journey to a short memorable experience.

       Rania Saleh , PMP®


v I really can't imagine passing the PMP® exam without taking the course first! It needs good planning, effort and time to prepare for, and you can easily get the false impression of readiness. The course helped me plan for taking the exam in the right way. Ammar's logical approach, the study environment, the shared experiences, the up to date material, definitley helped me in completing and acquiring my PMP® credentials from the first attempt.

       Nader Shalabi , PMP®


v Thank God, I have passed the exam. The course was really perfect and wonderful and Mr. Mango's materials helped me a lot in passing the exam. It is the most comprehensive PMP® Training material that one can depend on to pass the PMP® exam....Thanks Ammar.

       Adel Beidas , PMP®


v The course was excellent and above my expectations, it helped formatting all the knowledge i got by experience in the right format to manage major projects effectively.

       Maha Sasa , PMP®
       Ministry of Information and Communications Technology
       Project Manager


v You can prepare for the PMP® certificate by spending a lot of your valuable time trying to decipher the very formal and rigid official material. Alternatively, you can enjoy a training course with Mr. Ammar Mango, a time truly well spent, very interactive course, time optimized material, and a high standard environment. I passed the PMP® exam from the first trial. The course covers all what you need to pass the exam. My thanks go to Ammar and all Method team members.

       Omar Khasawneh , PMP®
       Systems Engineer


v I had the PMP® training last year with Mr. Ammar, it was a great training where I got much good information. But I could not apply for the exam until this year! The online training was of a great help, I could review the whole course in one weekend apply for the exam, and I passed.

Eman Nairoukh , PMP®
Method Corp
Consultant, IT Projects


v The course was wonderful, paying attention to Mr. Ammar during the training was enough for me to map my real experience in project management with PMI® standards, and it helped me to pass the exam without study. The course was rich enough to cover all the exam needs”.

Mohammed Abu Hadhoud , PMP®


v Dear Mr. Ammar, Last September, I was honored to meet with your goodself to attend...More

Suha Rasheed , PMP®
The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance
CIO Strategic Plan Assistant


I like the structure, the instructor wide experience and real life examples person”.          

Ahed Aladwan , PMP®
Control Engineer


Ammar is a very affable and knowledgeable person”.          

Samir Abu Ghosh
Project Director


It was a pleasure to have Ammar as our trainer…Stay the best Ammar”.          

Yaser Ali
Project Coordinator


Thank God; I passed PMP® exam on March 22nd, 2007 after only (41) days from the completion of Method Project Management Training and Certification Program. To be honest it was a very tough experience to take PMP® exam, however; studying Method PM training Program materials in the right way; certainly boosted my confidence and reduced my fear. I entered the exam believing that I was prepared and would pass. I am very impressed with Ammar persistent efforts to advance the program for students' benefit; Method developed a system that really works; following the system and plan was instrumental for me to pass the PMP® Exam.
I thank you Ammar for providing such quality program

Amjad Halawa, PMP®
King Hussein Cancer & Biotechnology Institute
Finance and business development Manager


v The instructor was really teaching thoughts and decent ideas”.

Amjad Jabr
Kempinski Hotel
Area IT Director


v This is my really big course and I am proud it was with you Ammar. Practical Examples from Ammar’s experience”.

Hani Jaber
Development Manager


v I like the instructor enthusiasms and ability to explain and provide examples from real life”.

Mamoun Kayed
MAG Engineering & Contracting Co.
Project Manager


v The training course meets my requirements to start managing in the right way”.

Emad Draz


v I like the logical flow of the material and the examples from personal experience”.          

Helen Bannayan
General Lightweight Concrete Industries


v Trainer was knowledgeable. The training course helped structuring and integrating project management process”.

Issam Miqdadi
Director of Infra Structure


v Very interesting course with a very interesting professor, intensive course with a lot of knowledge to apply in future”.

Elise Sawalha
Qunsul & Associates
Senior Interior Architect


v I liked Ammar’s approach and techniques, excellent trainer”.

Hasan Abu Shamat
Madar Contracting
Projects Manager


v The course was perfect, the material was well prepared. One will recognize precious values after going back to real work and implement practices.  One disappointment, I wasted opportunity of not stealing more experience from Ammar Mango”.

Hazem Haykal
Operations Manager


v The instructor is an expert and has a very good experience”.

Samer Salsa’
Business Consult Ltd
Project Manager


v The training was very useful to me. I can say that the instructor was a leader. It is the best course I have taken in my life”.

Hamzeh Awwad
Arabtech Jardaneh
Projects Control Engineer


v The course is one of the most important courses must be taken. The instructor is the key reason that makes such a course as beneficial as it is”.

Iyas Qubai’a, PMP®
Jordan Telecom
Senior Product Manager


v Thanks to Ammar, and I am glad that there are centers in Jordan with high caliber instructor”.

Runa Sindaha
Michel Sindaha & Co
Director of Finance & Admin


v Ammar has a pleasant personality and I really enjoyed taking this special course”.

Khaled Arar
Jordan National Bank
Head of System Analysis & Development


v This course helped me and guided me towards my objectives and aims. Thank you Ammar”.

Fida Dawani
Project Manager


v I am content I made the time to attend this course, it was a great experience. I recommended this course for every one seeking a course in project management”.

Heba Majali


v Excellent training materials, case exercises, and very professional instructor, he did a fantastic job in explaining the concepts. Probably it is the most useful training I have attended”.

Suhail Salman
Access to Arabia
Project Manager



v I am very happy that I joined PMP® training course, I like the context of the material and the way it was provided”.

Arsine Jambazian
Engineering Manager.


v This course exceeded my expectations. Provides international standard instruction in a systematic, practical, and professional approach to project management skills and knowledge gained are invaluable”.

Beth Kuttab
Director, Relief & social services department.


v Thank you for such training that helps others to achieve better understanding”.

Jamil Al-Bitar
Resident Engineer.
Arabtic Jardaneh


v I am really proud to have met a significant character as Ammar”.

Yazan Al-Masri, PMP®
IT Operations Manager.


v The material was enough to apply for the exam because it based on experienced information”.

Shadi Sunna’ , PMP®
Implementation manager
Housing Bank



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